One thought on “Haitian Diet #2

  1. Matt, I am dying laughing listening to this episode. I loved it! Here are all the things I wanted to tell you during the conversation.

    That doughy ball in the soup is dumbwe and those leaves on top of the rice were just called fey where we lived. I like both of them, but I can understand why people don’t like them.

    The fact that things in bullion are not chopped into bite sized pieces drives me crazy. I hate having to cut up the veggies in my stew in order to eat it, but I’m told you cook them in bigger chunks so they retain more of the flavor/nutrients.

    Casav is a root vegetable. Kind of like a yam.

    Papita (plantain chips) is one of my favorites. Lam chips are even better!

    The spicy peanut butter has one of those scotch bonnet peppers they use for their homemade hot sauce and pikliz.

    We made kremas this year. Here’s what we put in it: one can of evaporated milk, one can of sweetened condensed milk, one can of cream of cocount (you can use fresh coconut if you have it), cinnamon, nutmeg, 1-2 cups rum depending on your preference. I thought it tasted the best without any alcohol.

    You forgot the fresh white bread sold on the street–another one of my favorites.

    “You might have diarrhea for Jesus” <—– best line of the whole podcast!!!!!!

    Where are the pictures you mentioned?

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